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Code Reviews

Code Review Process

Code reviewing is an activity in which individuals inspect code written by others. This is a common technique used in software development to verify code correctness and identify any bugs or sources of error. In this class, students will submit a total of 7 code reviews. Code reviews will be released on Gradescope every Tuesday and Thursday of each week and will be due at the end of the next day. The last 15 minutes of each the lab the day the code review is released will be dedicated time for students to form groups and start the code review process. Student groups can continue to meet outside class to complete the code review.

To perform a code review students are required to form groups maximum of 3. One of the group members, who will be the code author will present his/her code to the rest of the group members (reviewers). The task of the author is to provide a semantic explanation of their code to their peers. The reviewers will then collectively review the code. One of the reviewers will act as a scribe and will fill out the code review form, which will be submitted to Gradescope. Note that only one code review form needs to be submitted per group.

Students can either stay in the same groups of form new groups for each code review. Regardless of the group, to earn full credit for this component, each student needs to be an author at least twice during the semester.


What code should be reviewed?

The author in the group is responsible for presenting code written by themselves. This can be code written for previous class/project or code from any of the CS-211 projects.

I do not have a group, What should I do?

Talk to the instructor or the one of the TAs if you are unable to find group partners. We will assign you a group.

Reviewing Guidelines and Submission

Students should reference this code review checklist when evaluating code and filling out the code review form.


Fill out this form and submit on Gradescope.

Code Review Form.docx.

  • Type your responses only in the text boxes in the review form
  • Only one group member should upload the code review form and then add his group members within Gradescope (see Submission Guidelines for more details)
  • The form must clearly mention full names and UIN of all the group members
  • For each code review you can only be in one group. You cannot simultaneously be a part of multiple groups for a code review
  • The code reviewed must be written by the author in the Group. Reviewing lab code or sample code (covered in class) will not be credited.

Read the submission guidelines on how to do a group submission on Gradescope.

Submission Guidelines.pdf.